What to expect

Meetings begin promptly at 12:15. Members and guests should arrive around 12 to settle in and take care of any preparations. A printed agenda will be distributed to make the most of our time together.

Guests may be asked to introduce themselves or may be introduced by a member. They are otherwise free to observe and enjoy.

A typical meeting follows a standard format:

  • The club president will open the meeting and welcome guests.
  • Club members will be introduced.
  • A designated Toastmaster will then take charge of the meeting.
  • Two to three club members will deliver prepared speeches.
  • An impromptu speaking exercise will enable several members to speak extemporaneously.
  • Members will provide evaluations of the prepared speeches.
  • Announcements and other business will be taken care of.
  • The meeting will adjourn promptly at 12:25 pm.

Besides speaking, each member has the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles.  Each member progresses at his/her own pace through the roles, and we try to give all members a chance to participate in each meeting.

Meetings are structured but relaxed and engaging. Guests often comment on our humor, warmth, and comfortable atmosphere.

While we have no dress code,  business casual is the norm.

Download Flyer for Visitors (pdf)

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ.