Meet a Member: Rosey

Rosey: Third from the right


Rosey has been a member of Blue Ridge Toastmasters for years and currently serves as the club’s Sergeant at Arms.  Outside of Toastmasters, Rosey writes science fiction novels.  She has seven published novels to date, including:

  • Tell…Tell Grendel (2006)
  • Beyond Light (2008)
  • Footprint Colony on the Moon (2009)
  • Lunar Quest (2010)
  • Space is Calling Me? I’m on My Way (2010)
  • My Red Island in the Sky (2012)
  • Martian Phantom (2012)
Rosey is also a retired professional clown.

Toastmasters Experience

Rosey’s writing style in her novels is in complete dialog, but until she joined Toastmasters she didn’t know how to compose a speech. A neighbor and friend, who was a member of Blue Ridge Toastmasters, invited Rosey to a meeting. She realized she had to start from ground zero and grow. Teaching math is nothing like making a speech to contemporaries. There’s no hog-wash in teaching. Telling a story or a happening is mightily different — it’s harder because one must also be an entertainer. Rosey was encouraged by Toastmasters to actually try to publish her Sci Fi work, self-described as “weird.”  This has proven to be a successful venture, and her seventh novel was published in August 2012.

The Learning Curve is continuing at Toastmasters.  Rosey enjoys watching her Fellow Toastmasters gain confidence, improve communication skills, and enjoy becoming well-rounded personalities as we all progress with our goals and employment.  Rosey continues to participate in Toastmasters each week.  Although she has already received the Advanced Communication Gold award, she still entertains the club with her speeches, imaginative and thought-provoking Table Topics sessions, and thoughtful evaluations.

Recent Toastmasters Awards

2009-Advanced Communication Silver

2010-Advanced Communication Gold

2010-Competent Leadership